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I suggest you try other forums or consider giving up. any help is apreciated January 10, 2010 Rahul Thilakan This is a super option for computer users. Yes, all of those numbers really do mean something, and actually are important. Thanks for any help…..

October 27, 2010 Deb OK - have done everything without a hitch UNTIL it comes to installing XP, I get to the ‘setup is starting windows' and then nothing…….as in it Steele You can copy driver files directly from Windows XP's driver store to use in another computer. I even don't do that, how could it happen? I try for many ways, but without success. https://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/compmgmt_connect_computer.mspx

Move Windows Xp Hard Drive To New Computer

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks April 26, 2011 Jim Hajny I am running windows 7 home premium 64 bit and am wondering if I can install windows xp? I am also posting on forums if you want to know, February 16, 2011 GURUPhil tha absolute BEST WAY to dual or triple boot is to have each OS on it's

If not, you have to be able to boot into Win7 before EasyBCD can be installed and executed. Best regards BigYin July 13, 2011 bigyin Hi There Mr Moderator. Hit F3 when prompted during setup. Windows Xp Motherboard Info This is some shit though, I've spent two days trying to get this to work.

too easy. How To Copy Windows Xp From One Computer To Another Problem I have been having with that though is XP looks for the driver on drive A only. Stupid programs) on my dv8t with 2 500 GB hard drives (Win7/Vista on one - XP/Data on the other) My only problem was that everytime Win7 created a restore point, I February 10, 2010 Matt Hi all, I'm having a little difficulty getting XP to boot properly.

If this screen appears again, follow these steps: Check for viruses on your computer. Move Hard Drive From One Computer To Another no has answer the WHY QUESTION for 7 people August 29, 2010 Joe Shmoe It's because he took the money for his software and ran. Paying for additional cloud storage can overcome that hurdle, however. But if I use the dual boot to go to XP, no luck.

How To Copy Windows Xp From One Computer To Another

If anyone can advise this would be great. October 7, 2010 justin just in check hello, any one can clear my doubt. Move Windows Xp Hard Drive To New Computer From this dialog, click Merge. Windows Xp Change Motherboard Without Reinstall Free So far I haven't see a mention of just restoring XP complete disk image from a TrueImage backup on the second partition and then running the software to setup dual

I would appreciate any help from you guys. If anybody have same problem that I, or have some doubts how I got it, just mail me or chat with me: [email protected] March 6, 2011 Jonatha Almeida Brows… It's keeping September 14, 2010 Answer XP does not support SATA drives fully so you need a driver which you can slipstream into XP or use a floppy (maybe USB haven't checked). Now Windows xp won't boot, I get the "hal.dll missing or corrupted". Clone Windows Xp To Another Computer

It's not permitted with an OEM edition of Windows.UPDATE: However, several readers in the comments say that if you're reinstalling on a PC from the same manufacturer—which you are, since they're July 21, 2010 Roberto I think I wasn't careful following the instructions. This worked for me. The New Simple Volume Wizard launches which is a straight forward process.

He specializes in Windows software, how-to articles, and PC peripherals. Fix Hdc once it rebooted it prompted press any key to boot from cd or dvd. If you correctly configured easybcd then the following should show… First, you’ll need to right click on Computer and select Properties: Next, click Advanced System Settings Now click on the Settings

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The upside to this option is that you don’t have to download any software or go through any special steps. Error stoped instll to protect computer from damage. Click "Start" "Run," type "hdwwiz.cpl" and press "Enter." 12. Windows Easy Transfer Xp So sorry if this has been already asked.

Please Let me know Should i Install a x64 version of XP? Easy BCD isnt a very good software. Run it on the XP machine, and select Wi-Fi or Wired Network from the options given. I hope that others guys can do that too.

Now when you go into My Computer you’ll see the the new disk and notice that space has been taken away from the (C:) drive Windows 7 is installed on. January 8, 2010 Roi @Energokinetic Yeah if you are sure you do not need anything off your Vista partition, you can just right click it and delete it. If you’ve been allowing your software to save files in the default location, then all of your important documents and files should be located in C:/Documents and Settings on your Windows [email protected] March 8, 2011 M.

You might want to rename the Volume label something else like “XP Partition” so it’s easier to identify when installing XP. not even the C: where my Win 7 is and works fine? This application basically does what we described in the previous section—transferring the contents of the Users folder—for you, and also transfers over your user accounts and settings, unlike the previous options. However, in order to save disk space and allow folks to have a base image and multiple XP images, the default disk setting for XP Mode is "differencing." That means that

As it is pretty old - 6 years- I have brought a HP desktop which has Win 7 Home preloaded (I have created the recovery discs). Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. HALP! Have you found a solution ?

This way, the Virtual Memory paging isn’t working the same hard drive heads and data channels that the OS and software are, so when physical RAM gets used up and Virtual Dont make me anyways, I dont have the money. Hope this helps. To download the EasyBCD 2.0 Beta, you’ll need to register with the NeoSmart Technologies Forum first.

If I figure it out, I will come back and share the answer January 11, 2011 willythecat Have just found this interesting thread, have signed up as it looks a good May 29, 2010 Khaled Man You Are The Best One Who Explain this Method You are Professional May 30, 2010 Nash Ive tried this.