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The best price/performance on AMD side is fx 6300. Timely Your take on news around the world WTF Jaw-dropping moments Gamers Unite We don't die, we respawn! Curious what you're running now, if you're willing to share. fuck off out here… taliban amitoj singh Good things come at a cost bro surely i7 4960x is expensive but what about i7 4790k and even i5 4690k they perform better http://textminingnews.com/vs-intel/amd-vs-intel-cpu.php

PERFOMANCE PER DOLLAR, nobody can find any Intel CPU witch have ratio even 50:50 in perfomance and price. the same workload on any amd64 chip (athlon 64 or opteron) takes 12 stages. But the figures on this slide are so ambitious, it looks as though someone took a chart of all the most optimistic predictions that’ve been made about the computing market in hidden registers?

Amd Vs Intel Laptop

I mod Skyrim with over 250 mods but that's irrelevant. Tim Tian That's the point We're meant to see the CPU bottleneck. Corey Lol fuck wit I run AMD hardware. Thanks for opening people's eyes.

in your dreams??? England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Stay away from AMD until ZEN. Amd Vs Intel Comparison Chart Buddydudeguy Hey there's one of your anecdotal opinions!

This is a lower bound for frame latency.Here's the rule of thumb when it comes to evaluating frame latency figures. Amd Or Intel For Gaming Geez us AMD users have been very lucky on how long we've managed to keep our existing boards and the good thing is that when ZEN comes out… the boards will Intel's Pentiun G3258, for example, is rated with a Thermal Design Power of 53 watts. the number of micro-code ops required to execute an x86 instruction is what matters.

You're wrong about that, you're wrong about how long you had an AMD cpu, you're wrong about them not being able to hit 60 fps, and you're COMPLETELY wrong about your Amd Vs Intel Processors Comparison Chart whaaat???? is this a microsoft thing? We've also examined performance in terms of both frame rates and frame latency using the handy open-source tool FRAFS, which analyzes Fraps output.

Amd Or Intel For Gaming

Who is thte f8ck plays Skyrim without ipresetinterval on? First,SINGLE 295X2 crush min. 980Ti in SLI! 2X 295X2(=4 GPU) eat 4X 980Ti!!!! Amd Vs Intel Laptop The minor different in performance at base clocks is irrelevant considering the FX has a hell of a OC ability. Amd Vs Intel 2016 HE SAID HE WAS ON A 8350!?!?

terrible chip. http://textminingnews.com/vs-intel/amd-intel.php Valentin Rafael In those games, the fx would have almost the same performance as a much cheaper intel/amd cpu. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with the latest news! The exact "relative number" to use (15ms) as well as the exponent really ought to be found by social-science style research. Amd A10 Vs Intel I7

So who the fuck are you? VectorRoll He probably is just blowing smoke. OMFG!!!!! 290 in crossfire is the same like 295X2????? http://textminingnews.com/vs-intel/amd-and-intel.php I use 16gb ddr3 1600 on all benchmarks.

I choise AMD,is cheap and give you the same,on some games even better perfomance, or better perfomance than extra expensive Intel CPU… well,we will se what be in 2016. Amd A10 Vs Intel I5 These two words are completely non-interchangeable, in any way shape or form. this is driving me insane!

for real, the guy had the geek.com t-shirt.

funny stuff…. - by riverdale's bedtime stupid (1:02am est fri dec 16 2005)"intel is better than amd (12:18am est fri dec 16 2005)go

This suggests that Zen inherits its L3 structure from Bulldozer, which used a similar approach — though hopefully the cache has been overhauled for improved performance. Buddydudeguy Thank you. WHAT? Amd Vs Intel Laptop Processors Comparison Chart i appreciate this as i spend hours and hours trying to present complex technology in a puppet show format for high level executives in the business.

along side it is an intel car with titchy 13-inch wheels and a 4 cylinder engine with twin turbo chargers. RAM is only utilized, not used. Could you possibly make less sense? this contact form we talk about new ZEN CPUs witch comes with 20% better Hyperthreadind of Intel HT,with low TDP and how you see,comes with 16 cores and 32 threads!!!

In any case the steps of Dragonsreach is indeed a CPU bottlenecked spot and you will in fact get really bad fps looking down the steps at Whiterun modded or not. that's misleading in the extreme. On the other, even at 5GHz, the CPU was going to have a hard time competing with Intel's Haswell and Ivy Bridge-E. The Kaveri apus are more powerful than an I3 and a gtx 750 or below at $129!

great article. Just because you have moded a game with badly designed software and textures or coding that favours one cpu over the other does not mean that the one cpu your mods I'm a huge fan of your work so that means a lot coming from you. AMD - change the CPU and your done.

Its like buying an r9 280x for £200 more then rrp price just because msi or whoever overclocked it for you to the max lol when its the same product. you also do not load two images into memory for these guys either, they boot from just one, i think they run form just one image of the os, and it darren evans The performance difference is not worth that price. You're arguing facts.

Funny I Made Dis No Fear No Fun School Damn You Politics 🆕 Timely WTF GIF NSFW Gamers Unite Anime & Manga Movie & TV Cute Animals Girl Awesome Cosplay Sport Its not like they are constantly in lowsuits for their under the table dealings to slow AMD such as the biggest known lawsuit to reduce AMD benchmarks with a microcode. More: So, what is the difference between 32- and 64-bit operating systems When it comes to CPUs, you have one of two firms to choose from: AMD and Intel. haaa-haaaa :) OMG… POOR DUAL core Pentium vs 860K wich is in i5 rank… if you dont belive,here is one of PassMasrk,rank with Intel CPUs..

On the other end of the spectrum, noobs flat out deny that intel is better in any substantial or meanignful way. They show absolutely nothing except that most big title games don't need massive CPU's. cssorkinman Same gpu and ram in both rigs. 🙂 Paulie M30 (The Gaming Junkie) Yes actually. I build super computers as a hobby.

I own in total 64 gb of corsair vengeance pro ddr3 1866, and 32gb of corsair vengeance ddr3 1600. Share Facebook Twitter Google + Stumbleupon LinkedIn Pinterest Tags 10nm 14nm 14nm FinFET 16nm AM4 AMD AMD 2016 platform AMD Bristol Ridge AMD future AMD FX AMD plans amd roadmap AMD It also offers far superior graphics performance if a discrete video card is not a possibility. Every time Intel come out with a new CPU, you need a new board and new memory, possibly new hard drives and a new PSU to run it all, because we