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Any Current IE 7 Users Out There Now Wish They Had Stayed With IE 6?


Reply 0 c-mac @c-mac Aug 27, 2015, 5:55pm You didn't mention one of the biggest advantages of Internet explorer in the enterprise. No Thanks Log In Sign Up × Get Permalink Close Trending Stories Right Now Everything Coming To Netflix, Stan And Foxtel This February Chris Jager 31 Jan 2017 11:30 AM While Contact our editors! We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the Web to follow the principle of universality7.

Do not use the recovery console option at this point. Grandma is still a lost cause.Cam SoperTuesday, 24 February 2009 15:41:29 UTCWe as a national organization are still tied to IE6.Myself as a professional geek tend to jump on the latest When you're that well acquainted, your sites start working in older IEs from the get-go since you start coding around the problems without really thinking about it. They also demand that Windows runs their mission critical app written in COBOL back in 1983 or in the case of the small business owner, an ancient version of some accounting

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I think you will find that they can. This way they can decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. 0 42 Frank November 3, 2011 6:45 am IE 6 is an old browser…we definately don´t support it anymore. He will look for another designer instead of try it in a different browser. Can't we all just get UPDATED?!

Finally, I'd like to make a difference between not looking as good in IE6 and being unusable in IE6… the latter is totally unacceptable if you call yourself a "professional". 0 Furthermore, for the average user the choice of browser is almost irrelevant, their e-mail client (e.g. The HTML engine is used a lot in the displaying of windows contents. Internet Explorer 11 End Of Support Many of the resources we use legitimately for work purposes are external websites on IP-based or direct login authentication.

I go to visit them and they have 20 computers there. Internet Explorer 12 Release Date As was mentioned by another poster, re-training users on UI changes costs real money. I can care less if it is IE9. https://css-tricks.com/why-people-still-use-ie-6/ Reason 431 for going back to my previous job.

He/She worries only about that one complaint. Ie11 Support End Date You need to know what you're expected to support before you begin the design process (this is why I believe designers should code). I hope that blows your mind. And macs?

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Here Are Australia's 10 Most Valuable Brands Planhacker: How To Fill Your Phone With Cheap Data Switch Back To The Landscape Keyboard On The iPhone Instead Of The Annoying Handwriting Interface Clicking Here If they are actively not caring, they are probably clicking "No" and "Cancel" on whatever dialog boxes come up suggesting upgrades. Internet Explorer 11 End Of Life So I?ve uninstalled IE7 several times, and IE6 magically takes its place! (Apparently, Microsoft doesn?t want us to be without some version of IE.) Then I can reinstall IE7 and uninstall Internet Explorer 13 for high speed connection and "light" with HTML for modem users.

http://www.realityedge.com.au mrsmiley @chris ward: That 0.3% is actually referring to non v6 or v7 installed of IE only. Work IT desk will not help you if you are running anything else. Why? If you're just brought in to do a build/assembly job (say a contract position), this doesn't apply and, well, you end up working with what you have. 1 65 dawgbone November Internet Explorer 2016 Download

Anonymous WDA also rejects my OEM install. (My IE7 crashed about 2 months ago and I've been 100% FF since.) rhett I have a lot of stubborn users that have not There are a few options for this:- Install a 2nd browser and use that for general surfing. If IE would support plug-in and add-ons better like Firefox, then they could easily provide an OPTIONAL tool to users to turn IE7 into IE6 for a specific website, just as Worst case, you don't realize that IE traffic (being average consumers) accounts for most of her online business, and you may be borderline negligent in leading her to believe you.

FWIW i'd love not to have to factor this in- but there it is. :) 0 102 mike ilz November 3, 2011 5:04 pm Google only supports the last 3 versions Ie8 Support End Date Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. Are our clients incapable of understanding these things?

i still embrace upgrades, but now only if it makes sense or i care too … which is why Adobe hasn't earned my $ for the new PS and Dreamweaver.

To capture my disdain for this archaic browser, please excuse me for going all teenage "mean girl" here: I, like, totally hate Internet Explorer. Too many bugs. It recommends upgrading to a new version without mentioning any specific version.James Newton-KingTuesday, 24 February 2009 10:12:50 UTCI personally find these kinds of positive group dynamics extremely fascinating and intriguing.Furthermore it Ie 10 Support Jquery will work.

First they take away their freedom of choice and then their money. If you asked someone what % 327 is of 16384, they're going to inflate the %, because 327 is a relatable number of people - you can invision it - and Security updates patch vulnerabilities that may be exploited by malware, helping to keep users and their data safer. The familiar IE6 pane is back, but it has IE7's icons and tabs.

per site, mostly transparent png problems) you can achieve 99% exact look in IE6/IE7/FF2/FF3/Opera 9 with the same style sheets, you only have to use your brain. Hope this helped you out.Happy surfing.Submitted by: Wendy***********************************************************************Answer:Personally, I don?t recommend downloading and installing IE7. Browsers are what they are. It's also nice to hear they're porting over the old interface of 6 onto 7 because, yeah, there ‘are' people that simply don't want to upgrade because the darn thing looks

They know their business bottom line will not improve just because they upgrade to IE 7 or 8 - in fact they are willing to bet there will be lost productivity If I was a client, maybe I’d say so, too, especially if I didn’t know how these technologies work. They won’t care about our extra time if we don’t care enough ourselves We review our work, we cost it accurately, and we flag ie6 issues way before the build. And make installation simple: click here to download and install, no strings attached.

When stability is necessary, I had to stay with tried and true no matter how much I hate it. anonymous I believe there are other people around like me.