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Also Having Problems With SpinRite CD Image


Not good. Terry LeBlanc 08/10/2011 — eMail Subject: "Spinrite fix disk at 20% failure" Hey, I'm a 17 year old boy from Norway who loves your show. sdc - 1T external, contains recovery image. From my tests with various computers and hard drives, a level-2 test run on a 10 GB partition can take from about four minutes to over 30 minutes. Source

I was able to recover all of the important files off of it after letting SpinRite run for 24 hours. Well, on Oct 20th it finished. The diskettes were very old (12 years) and were inaccessible. The OS asks for sector 12, for example - and if sector 12 is bad and the data that was in it has been moved to sector 23,495 the drive handles https://www.grc.com/sr/faq.htm

How To Use Spinrite On External Drives

Trying again in Windows 98, it finally made a floppy but only after rejecting a half-dozen other diskettes. Both Vista and Server2k3 would prompt about inconsistencies, and would run chkdsk for a long time (i gave up after 5 days/nights of furious spinning), plus as a program CHKDSK sux When I joined the US Air Force, they stationed me pretty far away from home. Admittedly Steve Gibson may sometimes sound a little extravagant about his claims, but if you read his comments on his website, you'll notice that he makes such comments not only about

It really can make a difference, and it's generally best to keep system firmware current since subtle bugs are often found and corrected. SpinRite found the bad sectors, repaired the data and my laptop is back to normal. $89 is a cheap price to pay for recovering lost data! 4/11/2005 — His laptop boots just at the beginning of the root partition, corrupting the reiserfs filesystem beyond any repair! Spinrite 6.1 Download What happened?

Keep going Steve, I don't want to know the atomic, or nano levels of what your product does, I just want to use it, and keep on using it to continue No matter how long I let it run, CHKDSK would not continue, would not finish. Backups still necessary Submitted by DunxD (not verified) on Fri, 02/03/2006 - 06:24. https://forums.techguy.org/threads/also-having-problems-with-spinrite-cd-image.595293/ Drive Reliability seems to follow an upside down bathtub curve with bad blocks most likely to occur in the first six months and/or after four years.

After all, the user data, formatting data, low-level format, as well as the servo (location) data are all stored magnetically on the disk surface. Spinrite Ssd In fact, the drive after a while failed... This is a setup utility. And I do have the need to burble a bit about how wonderful your product is, for once again "SpinRite 6" bailed me out!!!!I am something of a dinosaur in that

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Let me explain: The other night we had a lightning storm and though my system was turned off and unplugged I believe a very close lightning strike may have caused the FAT partitions display used and unused sectors; NTFS and Linux partitions do not distinguish between used and unused space, however. How To Use Spinrite On External Drives So, it doesn't stress a possibly failing drive by "grinding" through unreadable areas before the good areas are gathered. How To Use Spinrite 6 Perhaps of more significance is how spinrite magically recovers partition (and boot block) data when chkdsk fails.

Voila! this contact form Reading all the materials, it's clear that Spinright is for those who would rather have no failures in the first place, and therefor not need to go get the back ups. It sounded like that the bit error rate had over-whelmed the device controller and was clicking frantically (typical of a drive about to burn up from excessive seeks). A customer brought an XP machine that was freezing. Spinrite Iso

Will Steve Gibson ever get off his butt, stop selling an obsolete version, and modernize this software to work with today's hardware? Should Beta Minus decay put a limit on the lower mass of a neutrino? Retrieved November 21, 2013. ^ Navas, John (February 26, 2000). "Re: NEW PPPOE protocol for WIN 2000, works great"". have a peek here That IMO is not a great peice of kit!

In fact, SpinRite always has run in DOS. Spinrite Ahci Is this correct? I'm trying to run SpinRite on my laptop (which is bluescreening) so I'm creating the ISO file on my desktop.

Hence multiple runs can be done.

If the defect is large enough, the drive's ECC won't be able to correct the data any longer - or the drive won't be able to find the sector, or ... Spinrite needs complete control over the machine and does seem to be CPU sensitive (a 2Ghz P4 will complete in half the time of a 1Ghz Machine). Purchasing Sales Support Technical Support Contact Us Blogs, Twitter & RSS Privacy Policy Steve's Projects Page Steve's Old Resume General information What SpinRite Does User testimonials S.M.A.R.T. Spinrite Alternative Thank you guys so much for your responses!

How often should SpinRite be run for preventive maintenance?This is mostly a matter of personal taste. As my PC was in the process of encrypting the drive it hung at 65% which hung the whole system (no boot nor system response). Are all USB thumbdrives capable of booting? Check This Out Oh well.

Today I had my first opportunity to put SpinRite through its paces (I have owned a license for a couple of years now) when my girlfriend's laptop went belly up. Who knows? At this time i was unable to afford such serious interaction from a dentist, in terms of money. We sell many copies of SpinRite every single day to the many people who are having serious trouble with their modern drives.

For what it's worth ... Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem? Recovery of RAID and LVM2 Volumes Gordon H. Technical Log 4.

I have used your product for a number of years until NTFS became the dominant hard drive format for companies I work for. I additionally make offsite backups to DVD, which is now cheap and fast enough. It's done at an extremely low level inside the hard drive itself. While SpinRite 6.0 is running, you can toggle through seven displays: 1.

The encryption process finished and all was happy in the IT world again. Months ago, I upgraded to SpinRite 6.0 even though I didn't have an immediate need for it. I've turned non-booting pc's into booting ones, and in one case a workstation on a domain with a bad sector in the users local profile which caused them to instead log The system booted so very fast, and the database with all dental records was there in perfect condition opened in a second, and responding very fast to inputs, and searches.

Ever. (I have just press the power button to shut it off and then on again, not good to the computer, but I'm a kid, please excuse me). And Windows seemed to start OK, but then it choked part way through with the error "ntoskrnl.exe" is missing or damaged. Of course my personal laptop is not backed up and I thought to myself I am Beeped -- well you know what!! My computer crashed (It was frozen and there was nothing I could do.

I doubt he would have said that if he was just doing a sales pitch routine.