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ALL CLEAN NOW! Notes to the infected.

Alienware Aurora not reading recovery discs

Aim is closing automatically after logging in

All AV programs disabled

All Computer Wizz Open This Please

All computers can connect to router via wireless

All emails have attachments with them

All DirectX Games Closing

All files showing as .lnk?

All file associations in WinXP are messed up

All Cookies Not Deleting In CCleaner

all i want to do is put photos on my acer aspire

All games in one folder?

all about search ~ make it go away!

ALERT: CD-R Data May be Unreadable in as Little as Two Years

All google links being redirected in both Firefox and IE

All I want is some RAM

All colors in paint programs showing up gray scale?

all my data is missing

All new folders become write protected!

all new computer/setup wont work

Akai HDTV via VGA - resolution issue

All Desktop Icons converted to LNK in Windows 2000 system

All Programs blocked

All programs opening as one file type

All my files are the same type now?

All Processes Opening as Windows

all my files wont play

All setup files on HDD suddenly become corrupted

all password sites blocked

all of the sudden video streaming is a thing of the past.

all my .exes are belong to SOMEONE ELSE!

all program links copied

All PC's can access the server

Allowed to make only 1 set of restore discs

All Windows Open Small

All Virus detection disabled

All users need access to the same files

Allowing a PSP to connect to router

all programs opens dos command

All my programs open with a media type program eg Nero

allocating more ram to programme

Allocating more space to drive

All Wifi devices are slow

Allocating RAM

All tips welcome for wiping 98 and installing XP fresh.

Alot of spam

Alphabetising a toolbar

Allow remote access to home network

Also having problems with SpinRite CD image

Allow DSL on more than 1 pc

all media players rebuffering every second

Alternating between Wred LAN & wireless

All I did was remove and reseat the video card.

always getting weird can I stop them

altering speed settings for my wireless router

all i know is VIRUS

alot of popups

Alternative disk defragmenter? Not happy with the inbuilt version!

Alphabetizing Lists in EXCEL?

altering a file/program name

Altering Bandwidth Using Router Between 3 Computers.

Alright Wizards need help with SATA connected to older computer

allowing a port through firewall

alt print screen: when pasting to Word

Also needing about:blank hijack help hjkthis LOG provided

am I bein watched? how do I know?

allowing a program on firewall/adding port

Allowing user access to Internet Explorer

Always dial my default connection?

Am I being hijacked?

Am I Overclocking?

Am I infected? Help!

Am I really the administrator?

Am I being spied on? Pls help!

Am I getting the best out of my system?

Am I being spied upon?

Am I being spyed on or something?

Am I being spyed on?

am i being watched by others on my computer?

Am i able to delete windows vista

Am I infected with a spyware?

AM2 6400+ No Heatsink and Fan

Am I bugged?

Am I an idiot?! WinXP freezes copying over files

Am I hacked or have spy-ware/virus?

Allocating more disk space to drive C from drive D

Amazon following me everywhere.

AMD Processor Upgrade Help

alphabetize sheets in excel?

AMD Processor and RAM Upgrade to ?

AMD processor upgrade

allocating e drive as new system drive.

An ERROR popup box will not go away. what can I do?

An Easy Way To Wireless Netowrk?

An empty and a filled partition merged as single "free space" non-partition

Am i totally screwed? (not your typical vista install question)

Am infected with some kind of virus/trojan/spyware

An email was sent

Am I rebuilding the computer as I should?

An ad keeps popping up


anchoring pictures and grouping captions

Analog Camera to PC

an unwanted antivirus

An ever seen problem with hidding the folders.

Analyzing Stock Market

Android mobile wireless connection with DSL router

An Absolutely Wonderful 500mb Email Service!

Annoying Braviax.exe Virus won't go away!

Anit Virus Scandart - How can I safely remove?

Annoying browser hijack wont die

Annoying new ad pop ups

Annoying Google Redirects

An AD pops up when systems starts

Annoying ads randomly popping up + hijack log

And the ads keep coming. HELP!

Annoying Ads with Chrome

Annoying malware infection. I need help!

animation help

Annoying dialog box on entering MS Word

annimation help

Annoying blue lines on e-mails.

Annoying me for weeks! MSN and Search results

annoying antispywear icon in toolbar wont go away!

Annoying Laptop Modem issues

Annoying Aol Billing Popup! Please Help Get Rid Of it!

An suspicious Looking Email

Annoying emails - unknown senders

Analyze Wireshark Captures

Annoying "red X" virus - please help!

Annoying popus - HiackThis crashes

An update program not connect

Annoying Ad downloads/viruses

annoying adware found on pc

annoying page keeps coming up.

Annoying ad popup

Annoying search bars

Annoying Search page

Annoying Popup Ad

Annoying pop-ups with IE

annoying toolbar?

annoying ad-program problem

Annoying SysProtect Popup Problem

Annoying popups with videos severely slowing down comp!

Annoying popups!

Annoying Search Toolbar in IE!

Annoying Word 2003 problem

Annoying Toolbars added that wont go away. PLEASE HELP!

Annoying ads on bottom corners PLUS occasional redirects

and outlook

annyoying popups and slow computer

Annoying redirection

Annoying spyware and malware programs

annoying popup has started

animated gifs--can't save as gif

Annoying/Explicit Junk E-mail

Annoying Pop-up Window

Annoying Pop-up(?)/virus(?).help!

Annyoing popups in IE7

Annoying Webpage Redirect

Annoying Popup Problem


Annoying Popups cant remove spyware

Annoying Popups from IE

Anonymity On-line

Annoying Popups please help?

Anonymous surfing: does it work?

Annoying spyware stuff

Anonymous laptop

Annoying toolbar and adware.

Another Bad Mobo?

Annoying Toolbars

Annoying search bar i get ever time i restart

Annoying redirects

Annoying Virus/Malware/Adware

annoying norton popup

Annoying popup windows

Annoying pop-ups and website redirection

Another computer with issues.

Annoying Ads Popping Up

Another connecting Xbox to Laptop Question

annoying popup screens

Another google redirect

Another friend computer It needs help

Another Google re-direct problem (plus occasional pop-ups)

Annoying Wireless Problem

Another friends computer log

Another faulty CD-ROM

Another Formatting problem with Windows XP!

Another computer infected!

another computer messing up

Another MS Outlook 98 Question

another mobo.

Another Malware problem :D

Annoying pop-ups now occuring

Another hard drive.

Another issue with virus/spyware please help

another issue with video card installation

another infected computer needing help

Another New Malware.u problem!

Another new very difficult to detect phishing scam method

Another Friend's Computer

Another Dummy needs help netwrkng 2 computers

Another infected PC . sigh

Another language on my pages

Another problem with dv9650us xp drivers WLAN

Another Infected XP System

Another printer sharing problem

Another problem with running programs!

Another ram issue

Another OCing Issue.

Another issue I need help with Spyware downloads on its on.

Another Video Card Install Problem

Another Vista Removal Question

Another Routine Wireless Connection Problem

Another popup problem!

Another Outlook ?

anti virus won't delete virus

Ansi codes wont work on Laptop

Anti-malware and Anti-trojan software cannot kill it?

Another PC - more ADware problems

anti virus batch file?

Antenas for better wireless connection

Another printer/scanner network question

Anti Virus Software & Firewall Selection? Please H-E-L-P!

Another Wireless Connection Issue

Anti virus stopping Blue Rays from playing?

Antimalware Popup

Antivirus 360. New to this please help me get rid of it

Anoying redirects

anti virus update blocked malwarebytes update blocked pc is sloooow

AntiVir Guard Deactivated

Another s/n name randomly signed on AIM?!

another question on deleting aol

Antivirus found a rootkit.

Antispyware 2009 - NOTHING WORKS-Reformat time?

Antiverus Soft Inc removal Virus. Cant get into any program except internet!

Anti-Virus Disabled

Antivirus Disabler

another person whos logged onto net but can access it


Antivirus Deleting Windows

Antispyware 360 on my computer

Anti-Spyware Software Concerns

antivirus is not updating (infected; moved from XP)

anti-virus Malware has gotten onto my comp

Antivirues/Spyware changing

Anti-Virus Unable to remove Infection

Antivirus unable to remove malware

Antivirus that i can totally disable? leads to comp unable to load windows

Antivirus unaccessible

Antivirus Live Has Attacked My Laptop

Antivirus software doesn't detect virus!

Antivirus software wont delete viruses

Antivirus System Pro virus on my comp.not deleting with MalwareBytes

AntiVirus Software: Must it be Uninstalled to Try Another Brand?

ANtivirus XP has my computer locked up - can't run HijackThis

Antivirus Pro and other popups when I surf the internet.

Antivirus XP removal help

antivirus xp removed but no local hard drive

anurukemomopuduy.dll problem

Any advice how to strenghten a security of a computer

Antivirusxp just removed but still infected?

Antivirus Soft - Problems Left Behind.

any advice on bandwidth allocation?

AntiSpyware problems

anti-spyware causing crash?

Antivirus soft removal - system restore worked

anti virus complete removal

Any Advice/help with rebuild

AntiVirus Software is being disabled

antivirus router?

any danger of deleting desktop items?

Any files I download get auto-deleted off my PC ! Help?

Any bugs/viruses? Computer is slow

Any good software to minimize spyware/viruses/malware/trojans?

any advice to clean out unneeded items.

Antivirus Malware causing severe problems

AntiVirGear 3.7 virus has infected my PC

Anti-virus delete

Antivirus Live ad has taken over my computer.

any logmein users?

Anti-Virus-1 removal tips?

Antivirus program after checking the local disk on the infected files deleted file In

Any Good Sites for Finding the Latest Video Card Drivers?

Any free RAM tweaking programs/methods?

Any way to determin if Vista knows PCIe is plugged in?

Any ideas of how I can organize this?

Any Internet filtering software that cannot be bypassed by Proxy websites?

Any ideas of how to change the name of an IPod?

any one see anything on this hijack ?

ANY Possible way to fix this hard drive?

Any music making people out there? Need advice please

any 1 no how to fix a broken scratched up disc?

Any one know how to stop a device from receiving updates ?

Any Virus in my PC .

Any program I run is corrupted

Any way to find out who hacked/guessed my password?

any help w/refilling HP printer cartridge?

any more spywasre to be removed

Any way to turn off start-up menu?

Any Programs for Clearer Video/Images? ?

Anybody Tried To Mix Belkin & LinkSys Wireless Equipment?

any way to increase efficiency of my CD drive?

any poiint in changing cpu's?

Any way possible laptop to tv output using tv tuner?

Any way to get a new trial of trialware

Any way to limit cpu utilisation in XP?

Any resize function on Vista Windows Photo Gallery?

Any way to delete a home network?

Any Website To Check On What Drivers I Need Updated on college laptop: Please Help!

Anybody know how to remove a Dell Insprion 1100 hard drive?

Any fix for thus type of HD corruption (beside wipe/start over)?

any way on how to strenghten signal reception of my wireless broadband?

Any way to remove a midget (thunderfly) from an laptop lcd screen?

Any way to set everything to kB instead of Mbps?

Any way to remove a hard drive partition

Antivirus/firewall/anti-spam etc.

Any spyware left on my computer?


anybody had this motherboard before?

Any Way to Speed Up the WiFi?

Anybody knows how to reset Canon S630 waste ink error ?

Anyone here educated on video capture devices?

Any way to make a laptop 5.1 sound capable?

Anyone care to look at my site and provide feedback?

any way to totally clean the computer?

Anyone have an organized home office set up?

Any way to put password on Firefox?

Any TiPs FoR BoOsTiNg CoMp SpEeD?

Anyone know how to send multiple files to different folders

Anything Removeable?

Any tips for finding evidence of malware on *nix?

anyone running a ps3 through their monitor?

Anyone know of any net-phone services that allow you to answer incoming calls

Anyone Monitoring

Anyone know how to watch TV on a lapto

Anyone see these 2 files before?

Anyone know of my mobo?

Anyway to Lock Folders in XP?

Any way to shut down AVG Free completely?

anyone knows how to configure RAID controller?

Anyone on fsmail? How to pop?

anyone online

Anything I need to be worried about here?

Anyone use DC++?

Anyone Using Netlimiter?

aoDtbbJpk.dll error on all applications

Anybody notice the New Microsoft ANTI Spyware program

Anyway to install two versions of an application at once?

Anyone know anything about VPN's?

Any way to stop kids from downloading via IE?

Anyone selling a ?

AOL "Contacts" group

Anyway of finding what files have been saved to pc today! Help please

Anyway to prevent people from deleting stuff on my drive?

Anyway to repair .rar file?

Anyone knows a software to sign documents?

Anyway to slow down a DDoS

anyone know how to disable timers in trial software?

AOL undeleting email - and using Outlook?

Any way to setup a password on firefox?

AOL keeps popping up.

Anyway to disable downloads

aol disconnect

Anything free?

anyone have tips to reduce hard drive fragmentation?

AOL Mail - odd bcc

AOL Canceling There Service?

APIPA problem

Apparent Spy-ware problems

AOL Problems / Browser defaults

Apartment internet speed issues

Apple zoom tools for windows.

Append multiple BookMarks to a existing file

Apple+PC on one cable modem

Apple printer on 2k Network

Applets wont load.

applet wont load

App to Prevent Removable Media From Running Programs?

Application Data - Need to Delete

Anything To Get the Most Out of My System

Applications Terminate on Own(?)

Applications/Programs reverting to background.

application icons changed to default blue rectangle

Application opens when booting

Application won't run on my plextor dvd drive.Need Help!

Applied the fix but I don't notice any difference

Applications not closing

applications blocked by antivirus

Applications downloading on their own

Are accelerators supposed to display a pop-up version of the site?

aps cover half my screen

Apps running behind the desktop!

application kill

Are music libraries controlled by ZUNE ?

applying text onto images (front page)

Apps screen

Are my image files corrupting/ and why?

Are images from a USB or CD traceable?

Arange Icons By.(Music Folder)

Archiving email messages

Application to get current installed Windows XP for reformat / reinstallation

apps disappeared from add/remove programs

Archiving various files using DVDs

Applet to Create PPT from All Image Files in a Folder

are my CDs DESTROYED>>>?!

ARD log files

Are my pc specs ok to run HD movies

Are there Signs for a Dying wireless network card?

apparently I got a virus while trying to run an installer for SUPER

Archived items in Windows 2000 professional file search

Are these e-mails a recognised threat or not?

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