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Are Larger Hard Drives More Likely To Crash?


I might keep them on all the time, or I might have them off most of the time. But I'd get 3, test them, send 2-3 back, get more, etc. The math: 2% is 1 out of 50. Keep two copies (and if you can afford it, 3 or more) copies of your data. http://textminingnews.com/hard-drive/are-my-hard-drives-failing.php

Awesome advanced RMA. If not, you may want to start. Joshua Kugler Can you explain the failure rates over 100%? permalinkembedsaveparentgive gold[–]mvnman 2 points3 points4 points 4 years ago(1 child)The Hitachi hard drive division (HGST) was purchased by Western Digital.

Hard Drive Failure Rates 2016

Reply Dan March 12, 2015 at 8:05 am How about the latest blu-ray disks? WD's on the other hand have rarely ever failed for me. There is no clean recovery from such a failure.Another common failure comes from imperfections on the magnetic media. This average includes the 5 that are still in active service.

A flash drive bought specifically for backing up files then storing could potentially last for many years; a heavily used drive could lose its data within months if left unpowered. Having said that my own experience with the various media types has led me to the use of Hard Drives as my main long term storage medium. Appealing to the intellectual side and using reason rarely works, since it never made the decision in the first place, and would not have. Hgst Portable Hard Drive The failure rate is a nice low 2.6% per year.

I am pretty sure that the 3 to 4 tb change was just adding a platter to the existing "system" therefore it wont suffer that effect. Additionally, I've had drives fail on me, which upon further investigation, had just 1 platter. It's highly improbable that all copies of your backups will fail at the same time once you take the proper precautions. http://www.pcworld.com/article/200074/bigger_is_not_always_better_with_hard_drive_storage.html Before he left, (I ended up getting there after he already came) he was telling her about getting a secondary back-up drive for her computer.

Betts, Believe it or not, I have never taken a USB apart. Hms5c4040ble640 how to fix this problem? The number of platters is not dependent on drive size. I'm not saying that your friends are wrong, or that you should buy Seagate drives -- but it takes better data than what BB presents to really draw the kinds of

Hard Drive Failure Causes

The inability to read data off of the hard drive can render a computer useless. Reply Alpha March 14, 2015 at 3:50 am Both my PC and laptop have exactly the same things in them. Hard Drive Failure Rates 2016 I don't know why you're going around in the comments advocating for how we should all think. External Hard Drive Failure Rate Do you have links to hard data to back that up?

Microsoft's latest OS is always the "best". news Khan Great site - thanks for this amazing amount of info! So, consider the purchase of a 4TB to be fairly ok but a 3TB from the same manufacturer who has been putting out 3TB for a while will likely be a Contact our editors! Hard Drive Failure Fix

Ar these days/hours/weeks? The rest will simply go for the high level overview that they feel is most useful to their own decision-making process. This field is required Join No Spam. http://textminingnews.com/hard-drive/any-luck-swapping-hard-drives.php he said he did not even tested Seagate ones until they fix their crap… Beqerel Seagate the worst of them all, i had 3 failures ExtremeTech Newsletter Subscribe Today to get

One for that important and/or personal stuff that you can't afford to lose, one for games, one for programmes, downloads, music, exe's etc and maybe another separate one for basic running. Hgst Drives If I tell you that Manufacturer X makes four products, and three of them suck, you'll probably think the fourth product is pretty likely to suck, too. Western Digital drives purchased at the same time are still running.

Samsung: worst trash.

It's not like Seagate will ever release the actual failure rate and you're not willing to do it either. These graphs reflect one use case scenario for these drives: bulk sequential data collection - cold storage. All drives performance will start to wear down but its worked for this long without any issues. Hds5c3030ala630 I expect that only a handful of people will actually take the time to completely understand any complicated purchase decision, whether that decision concerns healthcare, cars, hard drives, or other computer

I expect people to make decisions based on heuristics, past experiences, received advice, and personal bias. https://www.backblaze.com/hard-drive-test-data.html cofinoa Thank you for sharing this info. For movies, mp3, some torrent and many iso files. http://textminingnews.com/hard-drive/any-good-sources-for-cheap-new-hard-drives.php For a consumer, my advice is simple, back-your-stuff-up, multiple times.

Toshiba: worse trash. Our 2TB Seagate (HP branded SAS) even went as high as 14% one year :/ YevP Yikes :( David I believe these stats are absolutely useful as long as you realize Will not purchase these again.