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The CPU has Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) extension to the instruction set enabled. The Pentium 4/2533 with 133 MHz FSB will be launched at the beginning of May, with a fixed multiplier of 19.0. There are even some programs that require these instructions. Now, the two competitors differ by 666 MHz, since the AMD Athlon XP 2100+ is clocked at 1733 MHz. have a peek here

The latest Pentium 4 with 400 MHz RDRAM, as well as all of the AMD processors with 133 MHz, clearly fall behind. The root of this problem lies in the hardware platform, which is much more expensive for the P4 than for the AMD Athlon XP. Model Number Frequency L2-Cache FSB Multiplier Voltage TDP (Core) Release Date Part Number Athlon XP 1600+ 1400MHz 256 KB 266 MT/s 10.5x 1.60 V 48.5 W (B) AXDA1600DUT3C Athlon XP 1700+ Please see our recent KT333 review and Socket A chipset roundup to get a sense of the many good options available.

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The FSB's true data rate, 200, 266, 333 or 400 MT/s, is used in the tables and the corresponding physical clock rates are 100, 133, 166 or 200 MHz, respectively. One comment about all AMD Athlon XP CPUs: compared to Intel's models, the AMD processors prove to be relatively weak because they lack enhancements. The AMD 2000+ processor uses Socket 462.

VS AMD E1 2100 AMD Athlon XP 2000+ Join the discussion Differences What are the advantages of each Reasons to consider the AMD E1 2100 Report a correction Much newer manufacturing The chart shows that the Pentium 4 processors take the top positions. Here, the Intel clock speed monster cannot keep up. Amd Athlon Xp Socket Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.

CPUID 1 CPUID 2 ManufacturerAMD CPU FamilyAthlon XPE1-Series Model / Processor Number2000+E1-2100 Measured Frequency1662 MHz998 MHz CWID version0.40.5 Part number (supplied)AXDA2000DUT3CEM2100ICJ23HM Part number (guessed)AXDA2000DUT3CEM2100ICJ23HM S-Spec / Stepping CodeRIRGA 0233WPMW CommentThoroughbred A0 Athlon Xp Barton Only Asus, Gigabyte and QDI will have boards available, and MSI will monitor the market demand first before making a decision. The SPECviewperf benchmark offered a comprehensive 3D benchmark suite. This is supposed to provide the bandwidth required for P4 CPUs with clock speeds starting from 3 GHz.

Even though these extensions are not widely supported by programs yet, their support should improve in future applications. Athlon Xp 2600+ The microprocessor has AES technology, that accelerates AES encryption. For this underlying reason, mostly boards with the Intel 845D chipset will be produced for the mass market. So how does the T-Bred differ from the old Palomino core?

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Temperature and Overclocking Pg 3. Website: AMD Jul 15 2002 Colin Sun Home > Reviews > CPU / Processors > AMD AthlonXP 2200+ AMD AthlonXP 2100+/2000+ Thoroughbred Review AMD's previous AthlonXP model, the Palomino (0.18 micron Athlon Xp 3200+ In any case, as our benchmark results show, DDR266 memory slows down the entire system with clock speeds of 2.5 GHz, at the very latest. Amd Athlon Xp 2000+ AMD has refined the core a little now, that is why there are less transistors. 37.5 million on the Palomino and 37.2 million on the T-Bred.

The instructions are useful if you need to secure your disk or network data. navigate here After all, the multiplier lock will continue to exist. DirectX 7 Games: 3D Mark 2000 The 3D Mark 2000 determines DirectX 7's Direct3D performance under Windows XP. In Office performance, the Pentium 4/2666 reaches a new top score with 187 points. Amd Athlon Xp 2800+

About us | Privacy policy | Mailing list | Mobile List of AMD Athlon XP microprocessors From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search The Athlon XP microprocessor from AMD And in any case, higher clock speeds are required in order to keep performance on a par with the AMD Athlon XP, which has a lower clock frequency. Anyhow, we'll benchmark this puppy and find out. Check This Out All chips that are not yet available on the market are marked with grey bars.

Pros and Cons summary Athlon XP 1900+E1-2100 General recommendations: Operates at higher base frequency, The processor is upgradeable General recommendations: More cores improve multi-threading performance, Can execute more threads at Amd Athlon Xp 2400+ E3) vs 2600+ (rev. Model Number Frequency L2 Cache FSB Multiplier Voltage Release Date Part Number Athlon XP-M 2200+ 1667MHz 512 KB 266 MT/s 12.5x 1.45 AXMH2200FQQ4C Athlon XP-M 2400+ 1800MHz 512 KB 266 MT/s

The resulting die shrink should allow the AthlonXP to ramp up CPU speeds, and thus performance, even though it will still remain below that of the Intel Pentium 4.

There are even some applications that require these instructions. Much more detailed comparison of low level features of both processors you will find in the CPUIDs section. PC Mark 2002: CPU and Memory In these two new benchmark tests, the P4/2400 is ahead of the Athlon XP 2100+. Amd Athlon Xp 2200+ The Intel Pentium 4/2666 breaks a record here, achieving 344 fps.

Once again, the fast memory clock of 533 MHz (grey bars) has a noticeable effect. All chips that are not yet available on the market are marked with grey bars. 3D Rendering: Newtek Lightwave 7b The Lightwave test also shows that nothing can hold a candle The chapter on memory is clearly of a political nature, because ultimately, Intel has committed itself to DDR technology after RDRAM was massively boycotted by the market. this contact form yes yes no 3DNow!

The manufacturers estimate that this niche market is not as lucrative, so they are concentrating on the DDR platform.