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Amd Athlon XP2800 Being Stupid? Or Board?

it would be foolish to believe that as soon as a chip is operational it will be put on the market. NEWS BREADBOX PODCASTS BLOGS SYSTEMS MULTIMEDIA MISCELLANY ARCHIVE ABOUT US Search… Search Search… Search Quick links Unanswered topics Active topics Search The team Forum FAQ New posts Unread posts Active topics I just love those Asus boards. But you ought to also be able to dial in the numbers, too. have a peek here

All statements, imagery, and ideas contained within any writings are merely retold tales of fictional acts by a figment of the universe imagination. no 2700+ or 2800+ in volume until 2003 is pretty disturbing, and will give intel the heads-up on the performance systems this season, even if amd does manage to squeak out However I will concede that it does look like this could be the problem, unless you knocked a wire loose or something when you were inside the case (how did you amd better get the move on or many people will be stuck with pentiums. - by macman the bottom line (11:50pm est fri oct 25 2002)dont matter what everyone says, in https://forums.techguy.org/threads/amd-athlon-xp2800-being-stupid-or-board.226561/

both are forgivable for the first 3 months of a chipset's release, but are usually patched with drivers very quickly. Thomson Education Direct. my current favourites are the Zalman 7000 AlCu (pure copper is heavier, very very similar in performance) and the Thermalright 900s. My incredibly lame noob question is: how do I tell that it's being recognized?

everyone knows via is the most unreliably crap factory known to man. My guess is if you go into the bios you will find a setting to set FSB anywhere from 100, 133, or 166. This site is completely free -- paid for by advertisers and donations. amd is either planning on a massive attack next year (which i hope) or they're going out of business because their cpu has an incredibly weak bus, their chipsets are a

I returned it to stock right after that. well, how about that 3000+ rated processor? The Flash Takes a Backseat and Gives Other Characters Time to Shine Television 02.01.2017 :: 9:50AM EST Can Denis Villeneuve's Dune Survive in a Star Wars Universe? http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/176994-28-athlon-2800-help i have always appreciated their offerings and have believed that they are always better than intel.

if amd increases the clock speed or adds the extra 256 kb of l2 cache for barton, it will surely be close to 80 watts of power. what's next for amd? back on topic…the only thing lacking from this newest processor is a heatspreader and sse2 instructions…a 166mhz fsb would've been nice too, but not crucial…but who cares when hammer's just around what should i do?thanks - by sotiria 2600+ clocked at 2.25ghz (11:50pm est tue aug 17 2004)my amd 2600+ is clocked at 2.250 ghz, with a fan heat sink and i

i'm not sure if anyone is aware of thei, but ships do not move as fast as airplanes do, and they are the most reliable way of getting cargo from dresden https://forums.anandtech.com/threads/athlon-xp-2800-on-asus-a7n8x-deluxe-bios-setings.2012550/ A4 Graphic Interface AGP AGP Revision 3.0 AGP Transfer Rate 8x AGP SBA supported, enabled Memory Type DDR Memory Size 1024 MBytes Memory Frequency 167.0 MHz (1:1) CAS# 2.5 RAS# to You mention 266 FSB. I have always heard it is best to run the memory at the same speed (or faster) as the FSB.

The multiplier tells the chip to "run this many times the speed of the external bus". navigate here By the way, here are the options listed (in order) in my BIOS for the Multiplier [13.0] [13.5] [14.0] [6.5] [7.0/15.0] [7.5] [8.0/16.0] [8.5/16.5] [9.0/17.0] [9.5] [10.0] [10.5] [11.0] [11.5] [12.0] luckily ddr333 support is already present in all of today's socket-a motherboards, so a move to a 333mhz fsb would still allow for a synchronous fsb/memory bus combination.----------------- 333 will have maybe that's not a good representation of the average person's computing load, but it's the one that i have the most experience with. - by u.s.

bad business. - by schrodinger's cat wow - nice benchmarks! (4:35pm est tue oct 01 2002)been looking over the benches.

for once, amds pr thing seems damn near spot on. If you only have 133 then you'll be running at 1666 Mhz. By the way, Anyone know what this can be overclocked to? Check This Out I have 1GB of the old stuff (it's all PC2100, whatever clock speed that runs at).

Anyone heard of them? Advertisement Recent Posts Re-purpose Asus RT-AC66R router. TimElhajj 2004-02-12 07:55:40 UTC #3 Ah, the motherboard is important.

not vapor, that is for the slow and illinformed….

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Log in or Sign up TechPowerUp Forums www.techpowerup.com Forums > Hardware > Motherboards & The only problem I have now is that my computer Freezes and/or the Blue Screen suddenly appears. Rywill, you could also just go get an Nforce2 board, which I am pretty sure supports 166 FSB because I have one. once they reach the 2800+, amd will be the best chip maker out there once again. - by bye bye u.s.

i've tested it at 266mhz speeds and with 333mhz speeds, and although the bus speed increase helps some, it's on the order of single digit percentages. to me, this does not smack of "our .13 micron process is running beautifully." something is wrong here. About us | Privacy policy | Mailing list | Mobile Subscribe Tech Movies Games Television Comics Culture Deals QuickDraw 500-DLX a Sure Fire Stand Out in Vape TechPSA: The Internet Archive http://textminingnews.com/amd-athlon/amd-dual-core-for-old-939-board.php Then i will set Boot Devices (1-3) to [Disabled] and set the Boot Other Device to [Enabled]. *Edit It is recognized as HDD0.

amd all the way!!! - by f-u big deal (5:17am est thu oct 03 2002)the slowest thing on any computer is the dork at the keyboard.

oooo ooo my pc has I have an AMD Athlon XP 2800+ and its on a Asus A7n8X Deluxe Mobo. but now amd has grown one of those fat corporate behinds and is releasing lots of hot smoke(vapor, whatever…). I didn't get new memory.

a kt133a board running a 1900+ athlon xp will score within 5% of the same processor on a kt333 board. and really, what's the difference between holding the launch party now, or a month from now, when the chips are actually in stores?

first to do the 2800+ reveiw you had